Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ECB Should Beware Negative Interest Rates and Driven a Rally in Spanish and Italian Debt

Latest update from UK Prime Minister statement, EU exit is 'imaginable', says Cameron, Increasing pressure on PM from eurosceptic backbenchers to toughen his line on Europe given the potential electoral threat from UKIP

Latest update from Investors in Eurozone insight, Foreigners sense euro periphery opportunities, The ECB has driven a rally in Spanish and Italian debt and eurozone political events may present another buying opportunity in 2013

Meanwhile, Mario Draghi builds case for eurozone revival, In response to the European parliament's economic affairs committee, the ECB chief said the currency bloc has 'in a sense the best fundamentals'
European Central Bank should beware negative interest rates, The pitfalls of such a policy, which is beginning to be discussed around the fringes of the European Commission and Bank of England, would outweigh its merits

Ireland's Dublin to pile on pressure as it takes EU helm, Ireland could become the first of the eurozone's bailout countries to emerge from a rescue programme, but it says help with its debt burden is needed 'to get across the line'

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