Friday, February 17, 2017

Safe haven currency pairs USD/IDR weakened

Usd stay weakened, USD / IDR this morning Friday, February 17, 2017 opened at the level of 13 310/13 330 and is expected to be traded in the range 13300-13370.

From the global FX markets yesterday, the USD weakened against _major currencies_ despite the publication of several US economic data is better than expected. Some comments from members of the Fed are likely to be positive against rising interest rates, has less effect on the movement of the USD. Stanley Fischer, William Dudley, and Eric Rosengren expressed their optimism about the US economy and the chances of Fed rate hikes in the near future. However, market participants seem to be more concerned about the uncertainty of fiscal policy Trump. From Australia, the AUD rose after the release of employment data. The number of workers in Australia increased 13,5k January, higher than expectations 10,0k. From the domestic market, USD / IDR is still moving in a narrow _range_ as market sentiment varied. Yesterday the Indonesian Central Statistics Agency announced the trade balance from January 2017. Indonesia BPS recorded trade balance returned a surplus of $ 1.40 billion last month. The figure is much higher than in December 2016, which amounted to US $ 990 million. Yesterday the USD / IDR trading at 13322-13332 range and closed at the level of 13 320

Closing date of February 16, 2017:

JCI -0.05%
Dow Jones + 0:04%
Nikkei -0.47%
Straits Times + 0:27%

Gold $ 1.237
Crude Oil $ 53.44

Indications exchange Foreign Exchange, February 17, 2017 at 8:31 pm:
USD / IDR: 13315/13330
EUR / IDR: 14197/14225
GBP / IDR: 16633/16665
JPY / IDR: 117.32 / 117.50
AUD / IDR: 10250/10275
SGD / IDR: 9389/9407
CNH / S: 1935/1955

1week: 13330/13341
2 Weeks: 13325/13351
1month: 13363/13370
2months: 13405/13420
3months: 13445/13455

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