Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tokyo, Seoul and Hongkong Stocks Fell Down, Why ?...

Asian stock market update, as seen on Nikkei Index, Equities fell in Tokyo and Seoul, and retreated in Hong Kong where forex traders and stock traders returned to their desks after a four-day weekend. Losses were cushioned as U.S. equity futures climbed. Meanwhile Aussie company Australia's Santos Ltd. surged after the energy producer received a takeover offer, this condition helping the benchmark erase a decline on the first trading day after the Easter break. from Seoul, The South Korean won fell from a three-year high as officials warned against excessive movements. as reported by Bloomberg

So what about the Asset Management comments.. here is the detail, "What we are really seeing across the economies and markets are opposing forces playing out: in the economy you are seeing Fed versus inflation, in markets you are seeing momentum versus fundamental supports," JPMorgan Asset Management Global Market Strategist Hannah Anderson told Bloomberg TV. "Investors need to be aware of these opposing forces along with a lot of the headline risk we are seeing come through when it comes to trade and regulation and how that's going to impact their portfolios." as seen on Bloomberg

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