Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mexico Peso fallen around 7.4 percent, the worst performances in emerging markets

Some turbulence is happening in Latin America, Mexico peso currency has bulls counting on a Nafta agreement to bolster the currency may be running out of time, Mexico peso still bulls while negotiators are working to reach at least a preliminary trade deal by the end of this month, prospects for an accord are far from certain. At the same time, investors are growing increasingly concerned about a peso rout if the left-wing firebrand leading polls goes on to win July's presidential election. and now the currency still going volatile, most forex traders and investor traders are warning that even if the government announces an agreement that saves the North American Free Trade Agreement, any pop for the peso may be short lived as the market turns its attention back to the election. political issue is one of the fundamental things

Latin America Mexico peso has fallen around 7.4 percent since the end of the first quarter, among the worst performances in emerging markets. Trading at about 19.8 per dollar now, it's headed for a fifth straight week of declines amid speculation that Lopez Obrador's rivals won't be able to catch up to him before the July 1 election. So the market going bearish to Mexico Peso

Forex Traders and Investor Traders in the forwards market are betting the Mexico  peso will weaken to about 20 per dollar in one month and 20.2 in three months. One-month implied volatility jumped to 14.5 percent on Tuesday, the highest in 15 months, a sign that markets expect intense peso swings in the next few weeks.

source: bloomberg dot com

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